County Clerk

The County Clerk's Office

Alicia Wagnon
County Clerk
Political Party
Stroud, OK
January, 2017
In office since
Alicia Wagnon
Alicia Wagnon
County Clerk

County Clerk Duties

  • The principal record keeper for the county and preserves all legal instruments, including deeds, mortgages, plat maps, liens and military discharge papers, filed by private citizens and public officials.

  • Serves as the secretary to several boards and posts the agenda for their meetings, records all of the proceedings and files all pertinent documents.

  • Assists the county in its financial affairs including claims, warrants, payroll, budgeting.

  • Serves as the purchasing agent for the county through a regulated, systematic process to make certain tax dollars are being spent appropriately.

  • Ensures that all the financial transactions of the county comply with state law.

  • Is responsible for recording all appropriations and expenditures for each county office and department.

  • Search Land Records

    Some content may be extracted from OSU Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet AGEC-802 and/or the County Training Program website. More complete information is available from these sources.