Job Postings

Deputy Assessor

The Deputy Assessor is responsible for assisting in the valuation of properties for tax purposes. Duties include conducting property inspections, collecting and analyzing data, maintaining accurate records, and assisting with taxpayer inquiries. Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of property appraisal methods are essential. The role requires effective communication and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Posted: 2024-05-23 | Expiration: 2024-07-15

Dispatch Operator

The 911 Dispatch Operator is responsible for receiving emergency calls, assessing the situation, and dispatching appropriate emergency services. Duties include maintaining communication with callers, providing critical information to first responders, and ensuring accurate and timely response to emergencies. Strong communication skills, the ability to remain calm under pressure, and knowledge of emergency protocols are essential.

Posted: 2024-05-23 | Expiration: 2026-01-23

Detention Officer

The Detention Officer is responsible for overseeing inmates in the Lincoln County Jail, ensuring their safety and security. Duties include supervising daily activities, conducting inspections, enforcing facility rules, and managing inmate behavior. Strong observational skills, physical fitness, and the ability to handle high-stress situations are essential. Officers must maintain order and respond effectively to emergencies.

Posted: 2024-05-23 | Expiration: 2028-05-23

Sheriff Deputy

The Sheriff Deputy is responsible for enforcing laws, maintaining public safety, and providing emergency services within the jurisdiction. Duties include patrolling assigned areas, responding to emergency calls, conducting investigations, and arresting suspects. Strong communication skills, physical fitness, and the ability to handle high-stress situations are essential. Deputies must also work collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies and the community.

Posted: 2024-05-23 | Expiration: 2028-05-23